About us

Kinetic Operations Point is a start-up, founded in April 2019, carrying the vision of being the best business process outsourcing company, globally. It tends to achieve its vision by building a low-cost yet the most efficient workforce which will undoubtedly provide the best services to the clients. This company also targets to provide its service in a unique way; thus, it targets to solve problems that exist in the B2B BPO industry i.e. Data security, inefficiency at delivery etc. KOP considers that both – clients and employees, are assets and acts accordingly to keep them purely satisfied. Creating a Win-Win situation for the clients, the workforce & for itself, is all KOP wants.
Lastly, Diligence is all that KOP believes in.


Our mission is to build a low-cost, passionate offshore workforce that will provide the best output to our clients and become the most favorite in the outsourcing industry.


Our vision is to create a workforce that will vigorously prosper and become the best in the world of outsourcing.

Our Story

Kinetic Operations Point is founded by four guys, from different field of studies yet united by one workplace & one vision that is, building a company that vigorously achieves the best position in the B2B BPO industry. They believe that creating a smart, diligent & satisfied workforce can satisfy the client’s needs thus resulting in being the No. 1 choice in the market.